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Altus Construction Solutions offers commercial electrical and plumbing solutions in Tennessee.

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Electrical Services

Panel Upgrades Replacement and Repair Tennessee

Panel Upgrades, Replacement, and Repair

Outdated electrical panels have the potential to cause fires and run the risk of destroying your appliances and electronics. We can help you with panel replacements, upgrades, installation, and repairs. We can take care of any service you need, including:
Breaker panel replacement
Panel upgrades
Fuse box upgrades
GFCI and AFCI installations
Whole-home surge protection
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Your breaker panel is one of the most critical components of your home’s electrical system. It serves as the main distribution point where electricity enters your home and is distributed throughout your electrical system to lights, outlets, appliances, and more.

How do I know if I need to replace my electrical Panel?

• Circuit breakers keep tripping

• Breakers don’t reset

• Signs of electrical damage in your panel

• Your home runs off a fuse box rather than an upgraded electrical panel

• Lights dim or flicker when appliances are used

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Residential Electrical Services Tennessee

Residential Electrical Services

It may be tempting to try and tackle some projects yourself; however, some electrical jobs are better left to the professionals to avoid putting yourself in a potentially dangerous situation. Our team of skilled electricians has the latest tools and experience to handle the following:
Electrical troubleshooting
Repairs and code compliance
Panel replacements and upgrades
Lighting installations and upgrades
Exterior lighting and electrical
Switches, outlets, and dimmers
Ceiling fan and exhaust fan installation
Wiring and rewiring
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Electrical Renovations Tennessee

Electrical Renovations and Build Outs

Targeting projects of all sizes, Altus Construction Solutions focuses on providing complete electrical services for interior renovations and new office and lab buildouts. Combined with design, planning, and streamlined process, Altus’s experience and attention to detail ensure you’ll experience minimum downtime and an expertly completed project that more than meets your requirements. We confidently provide a level of service and expertise second to none.
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Generator Installation Tennessee

Generator Sales & Installation

A Standby Generator Is Like Having a Power Plant at Your Home. With a standby generator from Altus Construction Solutions, your power will kick back in mere seconds after a power outage, keeping your lights, HVAC system, refrigerator, security system, medical equipment, and other electronic devices running.
A free site evaluation to help you select just the right standby generator for your home
Permanent installation outside your home by our licensed technicians
Automatic activation when the power goes off, and automatic shutdown as soon as power is restored
Fuel-efficient propane or natural gas operation
The ability to run just a couple basics or power your entire home
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Did you know the average family home loses power five times a year? While brief power outages are no big deal, extended outages can rob you of the things that make your house your home. With a standby generator from Altus Construction Solutions, your power will kick back in mere seconds after a power outage, keeping your lights, HVAC system, refrigerator, security system, medical equipment, and other electronic devices running.

We offer generators that come with:

• A free site evaluation to help you select just the right standby generator for your home

• Permanent installation outside your home by our licensed technicians

• Automatic activation when the power goes off and automatic shutdown as soon as power is restored

• Fuel-efficient propane or natural gas operation

• The ability to run just a couple of basics or power your entire home

A standby generator can help ensure that your day-to-day power needs are never interrupted. Altus Construction Solutions can offer every aspect of this service in-house, from the concrete pad to the gas connection, with our licensed plumbers. This aspect helps us keep costs low and provide the customer with a complete turnkey service.

We offer various brands that can meet any customer's needs. Call us today for your free estimate!

(Ask about our financing options)

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Commercial Wiring Tennessee

Commercial Wiring

Altus Construction Solutions offers high-quality commercial electrical services in Midsouth. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, our electricians can take care of all your electrical repair and installation requirements.
New construction and renovations
Remodeling and rewiring services
Electrical wiring & Generator Installations
Design-Build & Commercial electrical repair
LED lighting installation and upgrades
Electrical safety inspections
Lighting installation & Preventive maintenance
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Plumbing Services

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Services Tennessee - GoAltus Construction Solutions

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Services

Remodeling projects in the plumbing world can entail various meanings or involve multiple components of the overall system. From replacing a water heater to installing new pipes, adding a sink, or moving the positioning of specific appliances, plumbing details are often associated with any interior upgrade. While these may be the result - turning one sink bathroom into two - or a side effect - moving the refrigerator location and changing the water/ice line - all are aspects that need to be completed by a professional.
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One way to save on plumbing remodeling costs is to schedule an evaluation of your current system and then plan for a detailed renovation, should it be needed. Doing so can help prevent the cost of any emergency services while ensuring you take appropriate steps to protect your property now and well into the future. Depending on the age of your system, some steps can be taken to evaluate and upgrade specific components while not interfering too much with the original layout and design - unless this is an area that needs to be addressed.

As a result, plumbing remodels projects must be dealt with accordingly with a focus on results and availability of potential upgrades, budget depending.


The timeline can vary greatly depending on the type of remodeling project you prefer - one for upgrading fixtures, moving different components, or a complete tasks overhaul. For general projects, plumbing issues are typically tackled after demolition as pipes are again exposed from the drywall, and easier access is provided. For more significant projects, tackling an entire system replacement can involve much more detailed planning. However, this can aid as a preventative measure and ensures your system should continue functioning properly, without fail, for years to come.


Accessibility of the working area during any remodeling project will impact the overall costs associated with the work being completed. Also, the impacts of these upgrades should be considered regarding either a household or commercial property. Ensuring a functional bathroom or meal prep area remains, should water be cut off at any point or to a particular size, is integral to setting the overall detailed timeline during a remodel.


Do-it-yourself projects need to be avoided when dealing with plumbing issues knowing how fast water damage can ruin a home. While some may consider this an initial cost-saving method, it can ultimately result in homeowners spending way more in the future when problems arise. Given that upfront and professional remodeling work is available, that can leave you to rest easy knowing the updated plumbing system is functional now and into the future provides a sense of relief.

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New Construction Plumbing Services Tennessee - GoAltus Construction Solutions

New Construction Plumbing

Building a new home can be an enriching experience. However, often, individuals undertaking such a project are met with a litany of questions they weren’t originally planning on having to answer. Fortunately, there are contractors and companies available who can help navigate the construction process and prevent it from becoming an overbearing experience. An outstanding group effort, hiring quality individuals to complete each residential construction task, can help eliminate the stress associated with such a project.
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One of the essential components of any construction process is plumbing. Ensuring the inner workings of a property are built efficiently and with a future timeline in mind can help to eliminate any potential problems that may arise. In addition, taking steps to avoid the most common plumbing issues found in new constructions will go a long way in helping to move the project forward. Eliminating the need to worry about pipes, water flow, best water heater location, and other plumbing components by gathering information from the experts can aid in ensuring your home is constructed efficiently from the inside out.

As a result, new construction plumbing must be handled carefully and with an understanding of the future impacts.


The home-building process takes place over multiple phases, with companies working together to construct your property. Rough plumbing is typically an early part of the process after the foundation is poured and framing is up. This allows plumbers to know where walls will be, how many floors are present, and if they are working with a basement or crawl space residence. All issues could potentially affect their approach to installing the major components of a system and where pipes should run within and out of a home.


Depending on the layout of your new construction, the placement of the water heater and other vital fixtures - like the main water cutoff, should be considered. In most cases, these items will be placed in a basement, but if your plans only incorporate a crawl space, then decisions need to be made.

Having the water heater on a primary level can allow access, but steps need to be taken to avoid any major issues if there is any future failure. In addition, being able to get to the main water cut-off quickly can prevent any minor problems from becoming bigger because of the quick accessibility.


Having an opportunity to construct the plumbing from the ground up is an excellent chance to ensure all the systems are working correctly and effectively, in addition to providing the best placement for all fixtures and services. While doing so is entirely different from any repair work, given that everything will be brand new and additional construction layers will soon be added to cover up this work, it is crucial to have an essential first time.

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Clogged Drain Cleaning Services Tennessee - GoAltus Construction Solutions

Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains are caused by several different issues; some build up over long periods, and others happen right away. Your kitchen may become clogged by food or grease, while hair or pieces of soap in the bathroom may cause the blockage. Your toilet might become stopped due to the excess paper being flushed, or you could have a house-wide backup caused by sewage coming back up through the pipes.
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Risks of Leaving Slow Drains Alone

One of the worst things you can do when you notice a slow drain is nothing. Professional drain cleaning services are crucial to water flowing and running your plumbing system smoothly. Blocked pipes that go unattended produce odors and increase the risk of harmful bacteria buildup.

If you are experiencing recurring drainage issues, call for professional repair services to prevent further problems from developing.

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Damaged Sewer Line Replacement Services Tennessee - GoAltus Construction Solutions

Damaged Sewer Line Replacement

Sometimes, a damaged sewer line is beyond repair and needs to be replaced. Several approaches can work in modern-day plumbing, and most are far less invasive than in the past. Pipe bursting and pipe lining are two replacement methods that result in a robust and solid sewer line without a huge mess or too much disruption to your property.
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Blocked Sewer Line Replacement Services Tennessee - GoAltus Construction Solutions

Blocked Sewer Line Repair

When a sewer line becomes clogged, and nothing is getting through, it becomes necessary to call for professional assistance and clear it out. The remedy may be a powerful auger or rooter. Whatever the solution, your sewer line won’t behave like normal until you have the treatment, so calling as soon as you notice a problem is always best.
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Tankless Water Heater Installation Services Tennessee - GoAltus Construction Solutions

Tankless Water Heater

Installing a tankless water heater is a great way to improve your home’s energy efficiency and streamline your maintenance budget. They’re durable, last for over 20 years with regular care, and use less energy to keep your home supplied with hot water.
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Tankless systems produce hot water on demand. This means you won’t have to worry about running out of hot water. You won’t have to wait 15 minutes between washing dishes and showering for the tank to recover. A tankless system is a no-brainer for homes with multiple people or individuals who rely on hot water throughout the day and don’t want to wait!

Are you interested in reaping the benefits of tankless water heaters? Altus Construction Solutions, and we can ensure your new water heater is installed quickly and professionally.

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Water Heater Installation Services Tennessee - GoAltus Construction Solutions

Water Heater Installation

No one can deny that proper installation is essential for your water heater’s high performance. We offer high-quality service that won't give you a financial burden. We offer our services at a cost that can make you smile.
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We are a licensed company, so you have nothing to doubt about hiring our services. We treat our customers like family because we want to leave a good impression on everyone about our work. With us, you can enjoy the perfect use of your water heater.

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Water Heater Repair Services Tennessee - GoAltus Construction Solutions

Water Heater Repair

We value the trust and support that we get from our valued customers. Our responsible technicians always perform a thorough inspection to avoid problems, mistakes, and ensure that the best solutions and service repair techniques are used to give you the quality water heater repair that you expect.
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With us, your time, money and effort are all worth it because the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our customers are our top priorities. We treat our customers with respect and professionalism because every customer is unique for us.

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Water Heater Replacement Services Tennessee - GoAltus Construction Solutions

Water Heater Replacement

Everyone deserves to enjoy the excellent efficiency of their water heater. Your safety and convenience are essential for our team. With that, we will be there for you to offer top-grade water heater replacements for your peace of mind.
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Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in replacing water heaters. We check every detail of our work to give you the highest level of satisfaction. We provide the expertise and quality work that you expect. With our water heater replacement service, you’ll enjoy stress-free use of your new system with limited downtime and inconvenience.

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Gas Line Installation & Repair Services Tennessee - GoAltus Construction Solutoins

Gas Line Installation & Repair 

If you live in a home with gas appliances or a gas-powered water heater, you have a gas line running to the house. Most houses that have gas appliances run on either natural gas or propane. If your gas line is in good working order, your devices will keep running well, and everyone in the house will be safe. However, if your gas line develops a leak, there is a severe fire or explosion risk. Call the experts for expert gas line repair services! Altus Construction Solutions is the right choice whether you want to add a new appliance or need repairs made!
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